Stay Safe During COVID-19

Community Safety

The Volunteer Way is working to keep our Pasco residents and staff safe.  During COVID-19 the food pantry is operating a “drive-thru” system.  Those needing food drive to 8061 Congress Street, a staff person will check off each vehicle coming for food, then proceed to have the vehicle loaded with food.  The Volunteer Way staff will load each vehicle. 

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:30am – 12:00pm

There is Hope!

COVID-19 has left many people feeling scared, lost and alone. Each day, there are stories of loss, tragedy and hopelessness.  But we are also hearing stories of faith, hope, encouragement and inspiration.

We at The Volunteer Way encourage all to keep the faith.  Trust that we will get through this pandemic together.  We will come out better than before because we have a new resolve…We are partners in humanity.

God bless and stay safe.